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All of these talks are available to watch at the link below!

All of these talks are available to watch at the link below! Found this via decor light just in time for the long holiday weekend :) Originally shared by Chandan Dalawat What's Next? The mathematical legacy of Bill Thurston Bill Thurston introduced new ways of thinking about and of seeing mathematics that have had a profound influence on the entire mathematical community. Mathematicians from a broad spectrum of areas gathered June 23-27, 2014 to describe recent advances and explore future directions motivated by Thurston's transformative ideas.  Yair Minsky: Relative and absolute bounds on skinning maps Rick Kenyon: Discrete analytic functions and integrability Alan Reid: Arithmetic hyperbolic manifolds John Milnor: Hyperbolic component boundaries Benson Farb: Homology, representation theory, and Bill Anton Zorich: Lyapunov exponents and diffusion in periodic billiards Dusa McDuff: Thurston's work on contact and symplectic geometry Kelly Delp: Playing with surfaces Miche

This is very cool.

This is very cool. I suspect it may influence some thinking I've been doing lately about the Klein Quartic. Originally shared by Gerard Westendorp I figured out a way to understand Golay codes, and their relation to the Leech lattice, M24, and the Klein Quartic. I just completed this website: Golay codes are used in space communication to as a way to send data with built-in error correction. You can construct the Golay code by imagining 12 data bits on the respective 12 pentagonal faces of the great dodecahedron. Then on each of the 12 vertices, put a parity bit that is the parity sum over all face bits that are not connected to the vertex. That's it! Note that there are 7 of these faces, and each of the 12 faces has 7 parity bits related to it, so there is th 24-7 connection to the Klein Quartic.