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Good films about maths are rare.

Good films about maths are rare ... George Csicsery (pronounced "Chi-cherry") has produced not one, but 13 elegant films (list below) about mathematicians & mathematics .  In his own words "Working with mathematicians is a great source of pleasure. It is the only group I know, where the answer 'I don't know' is met with excitement and motivation rather than with irritation. I hope that some of this excitement and passion filters through the film to audiences." [a]      Below, the 13 films .  Just watching the trailers is rewarding.  If you've never met a mathematician, these should give you a personal look into the very diverse worlds of some great modern mathematicians and to see the humanity behind the thinking.  If you're a mathematician or love mathematics, these are inspiring.      [1]  Counting from Infinity: Yitang Zhang & the Twin Prime Conjecture (2015)     The central challenge of the film was finding a way to depict Yitang Zh

I enjoyed this talk, especially the latter part.

I enjoyed this talk, especially the latter part.  It was interesting to hear about all the thought that has gone into hyperbolic manifolds with infinite volume and "exotic manifolds" that are "geometrically infinite" (a distinction I do not yet understand).  Thanks for your post Refurio Anachro! Originally shared by Refurio Anachro The Royal Institution was founded in 1799, and since the beginning it has been supporting public engagement with science. In their gorgeous premises they've been hosting the "Friday Evening Discourses" pop science lectures since 1825, nowadays recorded on video for you to watch. Those are for everyone and it's not unusual for them to have many kids in the audience. A recent one is "Topology, Geometry and Life in Three Dimensions" given by Caroline Series . She is striving hard to explain William Thurston 's geometrization conjecture for the uninitiated, and it's the first recording where i saw the au