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Curvahedra I'm now a backer of this new kickstarter by Edmund Harriss. I got to see an earlier incarnation of this project a few years ago at the JMM. What I probably like most about it is that it can be used to easily create surfaces of positive, zero, or negative curvature.

Mathologer MagicTile Videos

Mathologer MagicTile Videos Burkard Polster, aka Mathologer, has been working on videos about MagicTile and posted them today! He made one for a general audience and a second to dig in more. Primary video: Supporting video: He includes a challenge to solve one of the Klein Bottle puzzles, arguably THE Klein Bottle Rubik's Cube, with a special hall-of-fame for solvers. This is a great new resource for the MagicTile program. My wife saw it and her response was... "Wow, this is so helpful in understanding what your program is actually about!" :D Check out the video, grab the latest MagicTile, and jump on the Mathologer challenge! Even I am going to go for it.