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120-Cell in the Ball Model

120-Cell in the Ball Model I'm following Scott Vorthmann's lead and trying out Sketchfab :) Here is the 120-cell in the ball (fisheye) model of spherical geometry. I made this to print on Shapeways, but the outer edges end up very thin and I'm getting wall thickness warnings. Even if I bump up the edge thickness, the edges remain very thin in the radial direction because of the model. Shapeways didn't outright reject, so maybe it's worth a try to print this anyway.

Fisheye model of spherical geometry in MagicTile

Fisheye model of spherical geometry in MagicTile Turns out there is a natural disk model of spherical geometry. Who knew? It was easy to support this in MagicTile, so you will find 3 options for the display of spherical puzzles in the latest upload (stereographic, gnomonic, fisheye). The fisheye model is much more compact than stereographic projection, so I think it will be an enjoyable way to solve spherical puzzles! This video shows Gigaminx in the model. See for an image of a physical Gigaminx. Euclidean geometry has a fisheye model too (not supported in MagicTile yet). If you are interested to dig further, you can read more at the following G+ post and its comment thread: Download MagicTile here:

Solve the 4D Rubik's Cube

Solve the 4D Rubik's Cube Mathologer posted a couple nice videos introducing MagicCube4D, and showing that it is not as scary as people often think when they first see it. I like the call to action to solve it towards the end :) Originally shared by Melinda Green Burkard Polster, otherwise known on YouTube as the Mathologer just published two videos on solving MagicCube4D. I worked closely with him on it and think he did an incredible job. Just follow his clear instructions and you too can get yourself listed in the MagicCube4D Hall of Fame. Nothing gives you nerd bragging rights quite like that!

Henry creates fantastic things.

Henry creates fantastic things. Check out these free models on Thingiverse, and preorder a copy of his upcoming book! I'm really proud to have helped with a couple of the models from this chapter. Originally shared by Henry Segerman I just uploaded the 3D models from the Tilings and Curvature chapter of my book Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing to Thingiverse.